• January: Senegal America Project Projects and Visions trip
  • Pitz Quattrone and Bob Bloom join artist roster
  • June: Martin Swinger joins artist roster


  • February: Senegal America Project Professional Development trip
  • November: Holly Stumpf, Elizabeth MacDonald, and Kathy Saunders join the board of directors


  • January: Robert Specian joins board of directors
  • Enchanted Circle Theater joins artist roster


  • February:Senegal America Project Professional Development trip
  • April: Senegal America Project Student trip


  • Sharon Katz and Guy Mendilow join artist roster
  • April: Senegal America Project Student trip
  • April: Senegal America Project Project Professional Development trip


  • FIRST Student delegates on Senegal-America Project cultural exchange.
  • 35th Parallel joins the artist roster
  • MCC Cultural Investment Portfolio recipient


  • All represented artists are juried and accepted as Creative Schools Teaching Artists on the MCC roster.
  • Search for high-quality artist educators to bring onto the AAE, Inc. roster continues.
  • Our Senegal-America Project Cultural Educational trips to Africa have been enthusiastically received. We hope to make two or three trips per school year.

December 2005

  • First Senegal-America Project cultural exchange.
  • AAE, Inc. receives three-year Massachusetts Cultural Council Organizational Support Grant.

July 2003

  • Incorporated as a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation. The Board of Directors includes former Acton School Committee member Mary Ann Ashton; the General Manager of PTO Today Magazine Nancy Sousa; educator and arts advocate Rosie Latto; and Neal Butler, physicist. Artist roster included Tony Vacca, Joe Salllins, Nikki Hu & Guy Van Duser.

March 2003

  • Nonprofit corporation process begun. Began screening potential new artists.

February 2001

  • Jean took a three-and-a-half-week research trip to Egypt with storyteller Katie Green.


  • Jean Butler Agency operated as a part-time Arts in Education booking agency.

December 1998

  • Jean’s first trip to Senegal: two-and-a-half-week research trip to Senegal, West Africa with Tony Vacca and three additional musicians. Set up a “virtual trip” website that students here accessed for a cultural exchange on our trip to Africa.


  • Jean Butler Agency created to stay connected to the arts, artists, and students.